Walter Agency was founded in 1992 with a vision of bringing fun to every child’s life through the distribution of unique and novel items. With our wide distribution network in Singapore, our products have been able to be part of many Singaporean childhood memory.

In this 25 years, we have been able to form well-established ties with many different retail outlets and convenient stores like 7-eleven, supermarkets, large retail shops such as Takashimaya, and popular tourist destinations such as Resort World, Night Safari. With our extensive distribution network of more than 800 locations, we are able to provide wide market exposure to the products we sell.

Since its incorporation in 1992, Walter Agency has worked with different major licensing companies from all over the world, such as Walt Disney, Universal Studios, Collecta and Panini. Our products include figurine, trading card and sticker collection, candy toys and other collectibles.


Provide excellent customer service ahead of time to achieve good value, faithful, integrity and long time learning.


To be a leading distributor with a heart that brings creativity and fun to people of all ages.


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